Saint Kate’s Filmmaker Show + Tell spotlights Milwaukee movies By Salam Fatayer

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Have you ever watched a good film and thought to yourself, “I wonder how that was made? Who are the brains behind this project?” If you’re anything like me, you might go on a tangent and start thinking about local filmmakers, how they might make it to the big screens and how they could walk among us waiting for their big opportunity.

Now you don’t have to wonder because Saint Kate Hotel presents a monthly curated screening known as Saint Kate’s Filmmaker Show + Tell, where local filmmakers show their work and talk about it afterward. Filmmakers Kristin Peterson and Martin Kaszubowski are the ones behind this simple yet brilliant idea... Read more

I really enjoyed the “Tell” aspect of the night. It’s a treat to view a film and then have the opportunity to have a face to face interaction with those who made it. It was a reminder that sometimes a movie-going experience can be so big that it’s nice to take a step back and appreciate the work that’s being done right here by the people who live here.

Salam Fatayer, 88nine Radio Milwaukee

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