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The Grand Tour: A Guided Trip through Milwaukee’s Gallery Scene

Apr 1


The Grand Tour was the term given to the definitive journey to be taken by any ambitious and curious artist from the time of the Renaissance through early modern times. That storied tour evolved into the 19th century as more sophisticated and travel options presented themselves. In 2022, it lives on in modified fashion in our own city, with “The Grand Tour: A Guided Trip Through Milwaukee’s Gallery Scene.” This compact journey spares its participants horse-drawn carriages, mud-bound cart paths, and highwaymen, in favor of a modern coach, a map, and guides.

Historian T.J. Clark famously noted that “art seeks out the edges of things.” Indeed, art thrives in society’s margins, and because of this, the most meaningful work is often found off the beaten path. The Grand Tour is your connection to those cultural fringes. The shuttle will usher you to nine of Milwaukee’s freshest contemporary art spaces. The symbolic center of the Grand Tour was in Italy, while ours will begin and end at Saint Kate—The Arts Hotel…not Italy, but the hotel is named for St. Catherine of Bologna, who was canonized in 1521 by Pope Clement the VII.

In honor of that event, the tour will cost $15.21 per traveler.

The tour starts at the Saint Kate—The Arts Hotel, followed by visits to The Warehouse Art Museum, Real Tinsel, The Alice Wilds, Grove Gallery, and Var West/Small Works/Hawthorn Contemporary/BTG in Walker’s Point, before returning you back for a drink or last look at the galleries at Saint Kate to cap off a three-hour visual expedition.

To book your reservation - Space is limited!

• Saint Kate-The Arts Hotel – Depart 4:15 PM

• Warehouse Art Museum – Depart 5:00 PM

• Real Tinsel – Depart 5:45 PM

• The Alice Wilds – Depart 6:20 PM

• Grove Gallery – Depart 6:30 PM

• Hawthorn Contemporary, BTG, Var West–Depart 6:55 PM

• Arrive at Saint Kate-The Art Hotel at 7:00 PM

For more information, contact Shane McAdams at

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