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Artist Talk: John Riepenhoff

Jul 16


Arc Theatre

The John Riepenhoff Experience is a small box mounted on a wall that is reached by climbing a ladder. The box accommodates one person’s head and a small exhibition. Riepenhoff has been building, siting, and programing the JRE since 2006. Because of a perceived scale shift, the JRE enables artists to realize large ideas with limited resources, allows these exhibitions to travel on small budgets, and creates a controlled, intimate viewing situation in complex settings. The viewer puts forth effort by literally climbing a ladder and transcending their usual vantage to see the show inside. They become a performer for others who see them with their head in a box. The name is a critique on ego, as it is a tiny gallery named after its founder. Two functions of this exhibition model include practically serving the real needs of artists in Riepenhoff's world and critically the JRE’s performative quality highlights and exposes the structures that shape cultural institutions.

John Riepenhoff is a Milwaukee artist, co-owner of The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, a collaborator at The Open, founder of the Beer Endowment, and co-organizer of Milwaukee International and Dark Fairs. He is a regular regular food ideator, advisor, and advocate for artists. One of his platforms, The John Riepenhoff Experience Presents Yoohee Chang, is on view in The Closet at the Saint Kate and will be discussed in relation to an evolving cultural climate in Milwaukee and around the world.

**Admission is free, but seating is limited**

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