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A Look at Love Letters with The Everyday Feminist

Jul 24


Arc Theatre

Dearest Friend,

What could a love letter be? And, what might it do?

Join The Everyday Feminist in person on Saturday, July 24th from 4-6pm outside The Gallery at Saint Kate to ruminate on the question, "What could a love letter be?" We will discuss the Dear Ruth intervention and write (make) our very own love letters to our dearly departed RBG. Feel free to bring your own supplies or use the materials we have on hand.


The Everyday Feminist

P.S. Drop in anytime throughout the event and stay as long as you like!

Dear Ruth is on view in the Vitrine at Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel from February 13th-August 8th.

The Everyday Feminist utilizes art and community participation to explore what it means to be a feminist. Dear Ruth enacts this through deploying everyday objects and ordinary practices such as letter writing, netting, teapots, and flowers to create something of extraordinary impact. This exhibition ensures that the voices of all who participate are heard and recorded during this pivotal moment in history.

The Everyday Feminist has previously exhibited work at the Opalka Gallery, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, and Var Gallery.

Please get in touch with Saint Kate Curator, Samantha Timm, with any questions at

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